Dirt Bike Pre Purchase Inspections

Here is a breakdown on what you can expect in the My Roady Guy Dirt Bike pre purchase inspections that we carry out for our customers. 

You receive a full detailed report on all our findings, possible future issues we notice and pictures of all issues noted. 

We go over the bike from front to back without it being an intrusive inspection. ( we do not look internal of engine and gearbox’s ) 

  • A full inspection of all the bike controls both handle bar and feet
  • Brake pad, disc and fluid checks
  • Suspension check for leaks, scratch and excess play
  • Air filter and intake for possible dusting
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Chain and sprockets
  • Bearing and linkages
  • Check oil levels and condition
  • Ease of starting and noises
  • Body and Plastic condition
  • Plenty of photos to illustrate any and all concerns noted and for transport reasons as well
  • Plus PPSR report on bike to show if finance or stolen records on bike

It’s always a good idea to get someone who knows to look over your perspective purchase so you don’t end up with a lemon and buying the unknown. 

We started doing this service for our customers with limited bike knowledge that were new to dirt bike world, our interstate and international customers unable to inspect for themselves, to reduce the chances of them buying an overpriced lemon or shed ornament. 

The biggest reason for doing these inspections is that the roadworthy inspection is normally just a basic minimal requirement inspection. The amount of issues we see on bikes that the customers were not aware of, and cost them a great deal of money in repairs is crazy. This right there is why we do what we do! We give you peace of mind, and as much information as possible so you can then make the best decision moving forward and not get ripped off. 

We generally have the ability to inspect the bike within 24hrs of being contacted depending on location as well. 

We also offer a service to our customers who are looking to get onto a bike but unsure of what to choose or like. We can meet them up with them to help narrow down the best bikes for them, as well as help them secure their new freedom machine through negations and doing the deal. 

dirt bike pre-purchase

With over 20 years experience in the Automotive and Motorcycle industries Michael has the knowledge and knowhow. From performance & handling, Buying on your behalf ( locating vehicle, Inspecting vehicle, negotiating the deal, complying and delivering to your door), Pre Purchase Inspections, mod plating to roadworthy’s Michael has you covered.