Have you checked your tyres?

One of the big things we see in all our vehicle inspections is poor tyres!

Just because it looks like you have tread from where you can see, doesn’t mean your tyres are good or safe! From poor / lack of wheel alignments, faulty suspension, deteriorated bush’s, old tyres from sitting and not being used to poor inflation of the tyres. There are so many factors and these black round things are the things that keep you glued to the roads get so neglected often to the point of its to late!

A good way to check your tyres is to make sure you turn your steering all the way to one side at a time so that you can look at the whole tread not just the outer most visible part. That will give you a good look at your front tread. To check the rear you may have to get down on the ground or, even grab your phone and take a photo where you can see the whole tread to make sure its still good and safe.


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