Why you need to get a Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspection!

Vehicle pre purchase inspections are generally carried out to decipher the safety, quality and performance of a vehicle being advertised for sale. The end result can be used for negotiation on pursuing or purchasing the vehicle knowing it is in good, well looked after shape as well as what its value really is.

The reality is the majority of used / second hand vehicle will fail simple tests and scans when you dig deeper with more in-depth inspections that wont come up in your basic roadworthy inspection hence why you should always do your due diligence and get a pre purchase inspection done by My Roady Guy.

My Roady Guy inspectors can provide pre purchase inspections for all cars and motorcycles, from old school to new, performance to prestige, road to race, our inspectors have experience in all areas in turn we are able to give you peace of mind you are making a good decision and not acquiring a new yard / shed ornament.

Pre purchase inspections can also be useful for those selling a vehicle. If your report comes back showing it in a positive state you can also use that for the sale negotiations knowing you can prove its in excellent looked after condition.

Pre Purchase Inspection Benefits

Apart from being something that should be compulsory when buying a second hand vehicle, pre purchase inspections have the following benefits,

Identifying possible issues – Sometimes not all issues are visible especially to an untrained eye

Save you money – If there are issues that are found that are not immediate concerns for your safety in the vehicle, you can utilize these findings in the negotiating process to save you money now as well as excessive money for future rectification

Long distance buying – If you find a car that you can’t physically go see, utilizing My Roady Guy we can carry out the unbiased in depth inspection with a full report from the comfort of your home or work and know what you are possibly buying.

Peace of mind – The greatest benefit for our customers is being able to purchase with confidence that they are purchasing a quality vehicle for what it’s actually worth.

So don’t get ripped off or buy a lemon, invest in a vehicle pre purchase inspection but a trusted, honest locally owned and opperated business My Roady Guy!

With 20 years of dedicated experience in the trades, My Roady Guy inspectors have the expertise and know how to provide our customers with the best pre purchase inspections for our customers. We understand that a vehicle purchase is a huge decision financially and our goal is to make sure you are getting your money’s worth as well as a safe and sound vehicle. My Roady Guy’s comprehensive report will give you a break down of all aspects of the vehicle in question. Don’t worry if your not mechanically minded either as our inspectors will always talk to directly to ensure we explain everything so you can understand and make sense of the report. This enables our customers to simply just walk away if its a bad deal, haggle / negotiate as to not get ripped off and have peace of mind of their purchase.


With over 20 years experience in the Automotive and Motorcycle industries Michael has the knowledge and knowhow. From performance & handling, Buying on your behalf ( locating vehicle, Inspecting vehicle, negotiating the deal, complying and delivering to your door), Pre Purchase Inspections, mod plating to roadworthy’s Michael has you covered.