Permanent and Temporary Removal of Seats from Light Vehicles! LK1 Mod Plate Code.

Hopefully this will help clear the air on people removing their 3rd row back seats in their vehicles and what is required as per Department of Transport and Main Roads here in QLD!

The purpose of this Vehicle Standards Instruction (VSI) is to assist vehicle owners and modifiers about the requirements for permanent and temporary changes to the seating capacity of a vehicle.

If a change is classed as permanent, it is a modification and must be certified by an Approved Person (AP). However, if the seating is only changed for a short period, it may be classed as temporary and is not classed as a modification. But how do you know what is temporary and permanent? The key question that needs to be answered when assessing the removal of seats is whether the vehicle is permanently modified (the seats are removed for an indefinite period or are not expected to be refitted) or has it just been reconfigured in accordance with the manufacturers various options. Below are some examples of what is considered as permanently modified (requires a Modification Plate) or a temporary change (will not require a Modification Plate);

• For vehicles fitted with quick release seating attachments as original equipment, temporary removal of the seats is acceptable. A Modification Plate does not need to be fitted. This is commonly the case for four-wheel drives and people movers

• For vehicles fitted with bolt in seating structures, no approval by an Approved Person is necessary for the temporary removal of seats, provided the category of the vehicle does not change as a result of the seating reduction

• For vehicles with the seating structures permanently removed, the modification must be approved by an AP and a Modification Plate must be fitted for the reduction in seating capacity Note, if the modification is permanent, any change in vehicle category must also be taken into consideration prior to the fitting of the Modification Plate.

• For vehicles fitted with seats that have SRS airbags incorporated in their construction, you must contact the vehicle manufacturer prior to either permanently or temporarily removing to determine if the seat can be removed without adversely affecting the SRS

Certificate of Inspection or Safety Certification Inspection – At the time of a Safety Certificate inspection, the vehicle must be returned to the manufacturer’s original seating configuration or have a modification plate fitted for the seating configuration as presented.

So as you can see straight from TMR if your vehicle is presented for a roadworthy certificate or a coi inspection and it does NOT have the seats in, it will be knocked back unless there is a mod plate on the vehicle confirming the removal of the seats.

So if you need your vehicle complied to downgrade or upgrade your seating, contact My Roady Guy and we can come to you!


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