Road Worthy Basic Checks To Save You Money & Time!

Rwc basic checks 

Here is a check list of things you can check / look at on your vehicle before you have a road worthy / safety certificate conducted, that may save you some heart ache and money on a failed road worthy and have to have it reinspected.

This is not everything that is checked for a road worthy but these aren’t the common things that most vehicles fail on that can help you get the best result faster. 


Your lights must all work, be free from cracks, not be covered ( for example can’t be tinted or the hazy ) or faded. If you have fog lights the must be operational. 


If they are worn on the inner and or outer edges, have heat or age cracks, or a tread depth less than 1.5 mm, is cause for failure

Steering Components 

Many people become complacent with their steering in their vehicles. All those knocks and tight turning bits normally lead to issues that will cause it to fail an inspection for example cracked and split bushs, leaking power steering systems and so on. 

Windscreen and windows 

Bubbled window tint is another common issue for failure. The reason for that is it impairs vision so must be removed or redone! 

That part of the windscreen swept by the wiper blades (primary vision area) is cracked, scored, chipped, badly sandblasted or otherwise damaged so as to impair the driver’s vision or damage the wiper blades. The area of windscreen swept by the wipers to the right of the centre of the vehicle has

bull’s-eyes or star fractures more than 16mm in diameter or cracks more than 150mm long which either penetrate more than one (1) layer of the glass in a laminated windscreen or interfere with the driver’s vision.

Srs / Air Bag / Engine Lights 

If you have any warning lights on your vehicle dash light up that means there is an issue that is affecting its operations and or vehicles safety features. This will fail your inspection and cause for a reinspection of the vehicle once fixed costing you more money and time. 


Bubbles in the paint that actually split the duco can cause failed inspections. Excessive corrosion in an absolute fail and due to poor maintenance. 

Oil Leaks

Engine and transmission oil leaks are a significant reason to certification failure. Not only are these safety concerns but they can lead to expensive damage and repairs. 


With over 20 years experience in the Automotive and Motorcycle industries Michael has the knowledge and knowhow. From performance & handling, Buying on your behalf ( locating vehicle, Inspecting vehicle, negotiating the deal, complying and delivering to your door), Pre Purchase Inspections, mod plating to roadworthy’s Michael has you covered.