The 5 Most Common Car RWC Failures

Here is the list of the 5 most common reasons cars and trucks fail there Roadworthy inspections.

  • Tyres – below legal limits on tread or damaged / cracked tread or side walls
  • Oil leaks
  • Warning lights on – Air bag, SRS, Engine any and all the warning lights are issues with the vehicle ( and no they are not on from the dealer and all ok )
  • Suspension issues – Leaking or faulty shocks or split bush’s
  • Drive Shaft Boots – Leaks, binding and or knocking, Split.

These are the things we most commonly have to fail vehicles on upon first inspection. If your vehicle does fail it first inspection you have 14 day to rectify the faults and have a pass put through. After the 14 days though QLD transport delete the inspection, and you will need to have a complete new inspection done all over again instead of just ticking off the failed items.

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