Why You Should Get A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Here is a great example of why you should do your due diligence in regards to purchasing a second hand vehicle.

My Roady Guy was enlisted to carry out our comprehensive pre purchase inspection on this Audi for a customer. After completing the inspection and contacting the customer to firstly relay the findings before the report was sent, we were able to let them know of some things that need attention / repair. Now that our customer is aware, they can now make the best informed decision on whether or not to pursue with the purchase or walk away. The repairs that will require attention may be just the tipping fact in walking away as their budget may already be stretched to far for the car or, ok we can factor that in to the purchase and move forward and purchase.

Now had our customer had not done the checks and just purchased the vehicle unknowing and taking it on face value, this could possibly have just ended up being a driveway ornament until they could afford to fix their new purchase. Turning it into an expensive unusable purchase which is what we want to avoid.

My Roady Guy is here to make sure our customers are purchasing the best vehicle they can for their money as its an expensive exercise.


With over 20 years experience in the Automotive and Motorcycle industries Michael has the knowledge and knowhow. From performance & handling, Buying on your behalf ( locating vehicle, Inspecting vehicle, negotiating the deal, complying and delivering to your door), Pre Purchase Inspections, mod plating to roadworthy’s Michael has you covered.